“Homestead is where the art is.”

Cracker Cabins

Cracker Cabins on Display
Photo by Tina Bluefield

For the artists reception of the Homestead Show ‘n Tell at The Palms the ever-resourceful Ellie Greenwood cooked up a cabin cake, and in keeping with her philosophy that the best way to handle humans is treat them like they’re 2 years old she set up a table with graham crackers, various candies, and icing for mortar and let the kids and grown-ups get to building their own cabins.  The results were outstanding, creating a liliputian desert community complete with outhouses.  Where are they now?  Palms proprietess Laura Sibley says, “In a very good case of art imitating life, first the doors went and then the roof [fell] in till all that is left is the gum drop driveway.”  Tina Bluefield and Doug Storm caught some photos before the fall, on view below.


The Palatial Cabin Cake, half-eaten
Photo by Doug Storm


Photo by Doug Storm


Photo by Doug Storm


Photo by Doug Storm


Photo by Doug Storm


Photo by Doug Storm


Photo by Doug Storm

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