“Homestead is where the art is.”

“Homestead Show ‘n Tell” at The Palms

Evangeline Cox at Homestead Show n Tell by Tina Bluefield
Wonder Vallista Evie Cox at Homestead Show ‘n Tell,
photographed by Tina Bluefield.

Taking in the wide view of the homestead cabins of the Hi-Desert, the Homestead Show ‘n Tell is a community-sharing visual exhibition as well as an Open Stage open to anyone with artwork that concerns, includes, or is inspired by the homestead cabins of the Hi-Desert. 

VISUAL EXHIBITION:  Visual exhibition of the many sides of the homestead cabins, from derelict to home-sweet-home, on view daily except Tuesdays at The Palms Restaurant through March 2008.  The show was open to everyone to submit a piece so long as it concerned, included, or was inspired by the homestead cabins.  Exhibiting artists are from Wonder Valley and all over the Hi-Desert and beyond and include:  Barbara Matheney, Greg Davis, Sejames, David C. Greene, Gretchen Grunt, John J. King, Trent Taylor, Harley Baczkowski, Suzanne Ross, Lance LeVoir, James Hammons, Bonnie Kopp, John Luckett, Olive Toscani, Rebecca Unger, Terry Towne, Perry Hoffman, Ellie Greenwood, Chris Veit, Lesley Q, Kevin Wong, Andy Woods, Scott Monteith, and Chris CarraherThe Palms proprietors say they like the new look!

The Palms is at 83131 Amboy Rd., Wonder Valley.  Directions here.

RECEPTION AND OPEN STAGE:  The artists reception and Open Stage at The Palms on February 23, 2008, was a multi-dimensioned event to be remembered; proprietess Laura Sibley called it “the most amazing event ever in the history of the palms!”  With cracker-cabin crafts, poets and singers, rockin’ bands, and Laura’s lasagna, it was Wonder Valley at its unpredictable finest. 

For the artists reception at 2 p.m. the ever-resourceful Ellie Greenwood cooked up a cabin cake, and in keeping with her philosophy that the best way to handle humans is treat them like they’re 2 years old she set up a table with graham crackers, various candies, and icing for mortar and let the kids and grown-ups get to building their own cabins.  The results were outstanding, creating a liliputian desert community complete with outhouses.  Where are they now?  Palms proprietess Laura Sibley says, “In a very good case of art imitating life, first the doors went and then the roof [fell] in till all that is left is the gum drop driveway.”  Doug Storm caught some photos before the fall, on view here.

Cracker Cabin Wonder Valley Festival DStorm 2008 61

The Open Stage powered up at 5 p.m., with each participant assigned 12 minutes and the stipulation that their work must concern, include, or be inspired by the homestead cabins.  The strategies and perspectives were varied and numerous, and the sense of mutual recognition of our community and shared experience was sweet, sometimes funny, and satisfying in a whole new way.  Brave participants included:  Carl Peter Ripaldi, poetry; Dean Chamberlain, music; Marilyn Collier, fiction (read by Nancy Knight); Susan Eiden and crew, historic journal; Lori Weingartner, poetry; Russ Kohn, poetry; Ellen Monroe (The Woodpecker), fiction; Nancy Knight, fiction; and Gaither Drake, music.  As well, Cathy Allen and Ellie Greenwood reprised their performances from the Homestead Obsession opener.  More photos by Doug Storm and Tina Bluefield here.

Blowing it up and closing it down, legendary Palms open-mic impresario Jeff Hafler hosted a super set of Wonder Valley’s favorite hitmakers:  Palms sweethearts The Sibleys, with Laura magically transforming from kitchen queen to Princess in Pink; Shari Elf and her Fairy Elf Band bringing down the house with sing-alongs to “Home on the Range” and “You Are My Sunshine”;  The Hafler Duo bringing on spring by adding the rain; and simply right-on rockin’ blues from the Wonder Valley Extraordinaire!

Yo.  We love our homestead cabins.

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  1. I grew up in Wonder Valley in the 60’s and want to find out some information about our old homestead and that of my cousins also.We lived off Merriweather road close to Carey road.My cousins cabin was pink and our was a greenish blue.My dad’s name was DeLos Orr and my cousins last name is Hobbs. any information would be greatly appreciated…..Thank You

    Comment by Deborah Orr-Meyer — March 2, 2010 @ 12:14 pm

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