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November 24, 2009

“Old Odd Balls” in Ratany #3

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The latest issue of Wonder Valley’s own Ratany is out and to be found about town in the usual places.   Included are articles on artist Bob Arnett; the ladies who meet at the the Church on 3rd Saturdays; an excerpt from a 1994 article on the desert as visionary space by yours truly; and a few words about new neighbors Mythical Bird, a musical group to whom we say, Welcome! 

The feature article for the issue is an interview with artist Ellie Dosier about her “Old Odd Balls.”   Ellie has found that Wonder Valley is where old balls seem to go to die.  She’s amassed a collection of every kind of derelict orb, from golf to soccer to whiffle, in every stage of decay. 

Ellie performed her story of the balls in the Homestead Obsession show of the Homestead Cabin Festival in February 2008.  She also created a striking art piece for the Show ‘n Tell at The Palms during the Festival, titled “The Sites of the Visitation of St. Bouncing Ball and Disciples”.   The piece is an assemblage that includes a found homestead window frame and a ball remnant of great venerability.  The piece still hangs at The Palms and may be viewed there, but without the ball that formed the centerpiece because at some point it disappeared – stolen, we regret to say. 

Of what use was this utterly ruined ball to anyone?  So now the light shines out of an empty socket instead of illuminating the cracked carapace of an ancient orb.  Sigh.

Dosier submits that, after all, the piece wasn’t meant to be lasting.  “That ball is gone now on another part of its journey….It was buried in the sand for who knows how long, sat around in a bucket for two years and missed a trip to the dump; it got resurrected and now it’s onto something else.  It’s impossible to control the destiny of these balls.”

When asked by the Ratany if the balls gravitate toward her, Dosier responds, “Well, not to me, but they gravitate to Wonder Valley which I think is their final resting place.  Probably that ball that got liberated at The Palms was on its way to its final destiny.  I mistook the art piece as its final resting place.  I was wrong – I have the hubris of a human and I misinterpreted what was going on.  So its final resting place might be a dresser drawer, or a backyard or the trunk of the car of whoever took it.”

Life rolls on in Wonder Valley.

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