“Homestead is where the art is.”

September 26, 2009

“Wonder Valley Homestead”

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Lisa Maher’s family has owned a cabin in my neighborhood for generations, but I’d never met her until a chance encounter last summer.  The image above is her pastel “Wonder Valley Homestead”, from 2009.  See more WV views here, and Lisa’s “Skeleton Village” MySpace page here.   The below is from her blog:

Hi, I wanted to share with some of you that I did go out twice this year to Wonder Valley Ca and work on our cabin.  The cabin is a homestead cabin from the 1950’s.  My Mother and Grandmother purchased the land 5 acres and had the cabin built.  My son went with my once this year to do some foundation work, I also did some roof work.  The cabin was originally Pink and when I decided to work on maintaining in in the 90’s I drove up and it was full of pigeons and crap.  The windows were all shot out from guns and the roof had blown off.  My plan is to maintain it so it wont fall apart.  The area is very unique and untouched.  Check out my pictures of the Wonder Valley Cabin for updated pictures.  I would like to go out a few more times this year to do some additional roof work.

…If you ever get a chance to visit the area it is a magical place and leaves you with a special feeling of freedom and wonder.  A great place to be inspired of a simpler time.

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