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June 15, 2009

The Glass Outhouse Gallery: A Private View

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The new Glass Outhouse Gallery in Wonder Valley had its premier opening yesterday, June 14, but you can still drop by and see the show every day until July 4.  Congratulations to the artists and the new gallery!

A Private View

A triangulation of emotional purpose.   3 artists-  3 radically different “private views” into the inner workings of creative minds.

Premier Opening Sun June 14th,  1 – 6pm, at 77575 Hwy 62  & Thunder Rd,  Wonder Valley  (4 1/2 miles east of 29).  Open every day 9am to 2pm until July 4th:

Suzanne Ross    Recent sculpture

Suzanne’s emotional reaction to Muslim women being forced to confine their identity within the traditional garments of a Shadri or Burka, profusely influenced her images.The sculpture is of handmade paper created by using paper pulp that is beaten and mixed with ash and dyes, water vacuumed to a shape, then adorned with found objects and pastel. Her copious yet subtle images evoke a “fear  of confinement ” and sadness in us all.

Regina Kirillov  Recent Photographs

I started this project two years ago having in mind an inevitable clash between nature and civilization. Can we reduce somehow the damage we are responsible for? It is true we are living in a fast lane–our greed for immediacy overruns our compassion and common sense. Going local-  why don’t we slow down on our roads and become more mindful of other creatures living next to us. These little animals and birds can’t stand up for themselves and fight us. I am saying it for them- portraying their senseless death. So it is not only about compassion but also about justice. Besides, this this project  reflects on my general interest to how death is related to life and vise versa– I see them both as two sides of the same coin.

Robyn Goudy   Recent work

What do you need to know at first glance? NOTHING. I thought I had something to say about keeping Art off the alter and out of the gutter; but now I’m not so sure. Like any other residue from idyllic metaphors, I guess something will come of it~  like sugar from sap!

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