“Homestead is where the art is.”

March 19, 2008


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Hi.  Welcome to the blog of the Wonder Valley Homestead Cabin Festival.


The homestead cabins that dot the wild desert landscape of Wonder Valley can provoke both curiosity and unease in the outsider, but to the residents of Wonder Valley they’re home.  They connect us as a community. Through the arts, the Wonder Valley Homestead Cabin Festival has been exploring the cultural legacy of the Small-Tract Homestead Act in the High Desert. 

This blog will document the Festival, its inspirations, and its effects.  As well, we hope to provide the interested community with a place to meet, share stories, and consider this special culture of the High Desert. 

All folks interested in the homesteads are invited to participate, not just residents of Wonder Valley.

The original Festival Website is on Wonder Valley Arts and was created by Homestead Cabinet member Andy Woods.  Be sure to check out the Guest Book entries for a look at the happenin’ fans of the Homestead Cabin, and to join the mailing list.

The Festival continues through March 2008:

  • at Fi-Lox-See in “Homestead Obsession”, featuring artists Scott Monteith, Perry Hoffman, Chris Carraher, and Robert Arnett.
  • at The Palms in “Homestead Show ‘n Tell”, a gallery show opened to anyone with work that concerns, includes, or is inspired by the homestead cabins of the Hi-Desert.
  • at Trader Jeff’s in the Shack Appreciation Show, with photography, oils, and prints by Diane Best and Mary-Austin Klein.
  • on Bristol Dry Lake with Poplight, Helena Bongartz’ ongoing colorful projection experience at a cabin near Amboy.

The links above lead to Pages listed in the Sidebar, where you can learn more about Festival events, as well as the History of the Homestead Cabins and maps and directions

Plus, check out snapshots of doings from the Homestead Show n’ Tell, including stars on stage and the famous cracker cabins!

The cabin image above is by Wonder Valley artist Perry Hoffman.  A hand-altered version printed on canvas is on view at Fi-Lox-See as part of Homestead Obsession through March 2008.

Hope you enjoy the blog.  Your comments and input invited!

– Chris Carraher/magicgroove
founding member, Homestead Cabinet


  1. This was such a fun event!! People were so into it!! Carraher and crew did a bang up job of wrangling all of us Wonder Vallistas and friends and supporters. The cabins are so important to us and it is a real joy to see them celebrated as the heart of our community. The festival serves as proof that even folks with humble communities have a rich and engaging story to tell and interesting lives to lead!!

    Comment by ellie greenweed — April 8, 2008 @ 11:32 pm

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Preoccupy.

    Comment by Preoccupy — June 19, 2008 @ 1:15 pm

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