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March 19, 2008

Shed Reckoning

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By now you’ve probably seen the a copy of Dune Magazine around.  It’s the newish bimonthly glossy “desert life, desert style” magazine out of Palm Springs, and you’ll want to pick up the February-March 2008 first annual Architectural issue for the feature on the Wonder Valley Homestead Cabin Festival!  

Shed Reckoning, Dune Magazine

I’ve found the magazine to have a canny mix of high style and notable insight into the gamut of desert reality, illustrated perfectly by their decision to position the story on our dusty old Festival directly across from their main feature on iconic architectural photographer Julius Shulman, the man who put Mid Century Modern architecture on the cultural map:

“It’s with a sense of aesthetic-historic juxtaposition, and a bit of mischief, that we’ve placed our story about the cabins adjacent to writer Lydia Kremer’s beautifully illustrated feature on renowned architectural photographer Julius Shulman. The subjects of these two articles aren’t so mutually exclusive: Both are observing 70-year anniversaries, and they’ve contributed substantially in their respective ways to local culture. It’s worth noting that some folks have taken to remodeling their old High Desert homesteads in the Mid-Century Modern style exalted by Shulman’s brilliant Palm Springs record. The desert may be a study in contrasts, but its underlying interrelationships and shared influences keep it fascinating.” – Dean Lamanna, Executive Editor, Dune Magazine

You can read an excerpt from the article on my personal Website here.

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